Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wow i forgot my password

That is how long it has been since i posted on here, how sad.
Hello my old and new friends, so so sorry i have been away for so long. Facebook would probably be my reason for not hanging out with my blogger peeps. Darn it facebook. :)
Where have i been i hear you ask? Well i have been here, still doing what i do, making old things look new again, scrapping, Renovating. Yep i said Renovating WE R STILL RENOVATING. Ahhhh i just want to scream and finish this place already, BUT hubby has started  to study mining engineering to improve on his career, I think it is fantastic that he wants to improve on his career and move up in the world, it just means we have to sacrifice a few things and that means the house gets a little neglected SIGH. Any way The last time i spoke we were building new walls in the lounge room and putting an undercoat on to hide the hideous dark blue the previous owners painted, We have now finished our en suite in the main room .Yippee We r up to laying black butt floor boards through out the whole house which is so exciting. We get to say goodbye to ugly particle board and lino UGH !

Mollie's room gets the first makeover, floors are layed, cupboard has been built now we have to put her shelving in the cupboard, doors on and plaster , sand and seal her floors, paint and she is ready to move in Woot ..
Here are a few things i have been playing with lately

 This was an old Enamel Bowl that i picked up at a garage sale for 50 cents, it has had a facelift with spray paint and then some home-made flowers and a few embellishments from Lil red rocket , The bulbs are beautiful white freesia's.

 Scrapping with some old products

 This old bench i scored at a garage sale for i think only $8 it was soooo rusty and old looking that nobody wanted it except me, she has had a face lift too, I painted rust remover on it, sanded down all of the timber, painted a few coats of sealer and painted the iron black .
I love that i looks brand new . Total cost for the make over probably another $10 for screws and spray paint, the rest i had at home .
 This paper lantern was a project i made up for a class at the scrapbook nook in Gunnedah

 And this beauty was a box that i fell in love with at another garage sale for $5 it was a tatty old grey thing and has now got pride of place near our front entry until i find the right spot for her . total cost to finish was $6 .00 for spray paint

Thanks for visiting and reading my ramble
have a nice day xx

Friday, January 27, 2012

Just a few house shares

Hey all how have you been ? Me well I have been busy being the short apprentice helping Dan with our house, and am happy to say this last few weeks we have busted our clackers but are finally noticing the hard work we have put in.
This month has been so busy,we have worked to all hours in the night just to progress more with it.
It is coming together so well. There have been a few things we have had to compromise on such as flooring  :( i have been wanting wide floor boards for so long now and was told this week that if i wanted the wide boards in the timber i wanted then i would have to wait over 6 months to get them. There is a shortage all over Australia for the boards that i wanted .... boohoo to me so i am getting the normal size boards, never mind i guess..
I am sure they will look lovely any way.
The other thing we most probably will have to change is the tiling in our en-suite, Dan was so good to finish everything in that room including the cornice and MR tiler tells me now that because the cornice is already in place, the tiling will look dodgy because cornice can warp the walls in some places and by the time the tiles reach up to the cornice some parts of the tile will be sticking out more than the others :( so again we have to make the choice whether we rip the cornice out and wait till he tiles or just have a half tiled wall  DOH ! what would you do??

Here are a few pictures of the work we have been doing in the last few weeks
The two top pictures is the extension of the lounge room. You can see where we have extended the house, where the carpet stops and you can see the particle board ..
Bottom photo is our room , if you walk through the door where Dan is painting you will walk into our room and en -suite, I can't wait to be sitting on our verandah in the mornings after we wake up .  Lastly the bottom right photo is Dan again sanding the roof , poor bugger has had sore arms these last few weeks.  This guy truly deserves a medal, he is one awesome guy.

Do you like my front doors??

During the school holidays my girls and i have been getting organised and having a few spring cleans, their rooms were a total disaster, we spent two whole days doing a room at a time and am pleased to say they have kept them spotless since, One of the things i was so annoyed with everyday was our middle draw in the bathroom which housed our hair bands and elastics, well everyday without fail i would pick up lots of hairbands off the floor (or nag my girls to pick them up)  because a child has wanted the hairband that was down the bottom of the draw, and usually they would get that hairband but not before all of the top hairbands would fall to the floor. They seem to be incapable of picking up behind them so i was left to pick up the mess .. So after searching pinterest and chatting to a few friends on facebook about my hairband disaster a friend showed me this idea.
I scored the frames for 50 cents each at a garage sale, they were painted up by my girls and totally transformed into a really useful hairband holder LOVE IT .. Now they have a pretty hairband holder hanging in their rooms and guess what!!!  I have a middle draw that only holds hair brushes yippeee Happy mummy :)

My last share for today is this gorgeous Willow Tree angel that my mum bought me. She is an angel of healing and compassion , she is holding a little birdy in her hands.
Mum  said when she saw it she needed to get it because it represents me, over the last couple of months i have been fortunate to save a few baby birds that have been thrown out of their nests,
One bird (A little sparrow) in particular stole our hearts, We called him squirt, We saved him when he was only a day old, he was just beautiful and we had decided that he was going to be a part of our family because i had researched and found that if a bird has been hand raised from birth then they will have a tough time making it in the wild EEKKK!!

After looking after him for a few months and had got him to the stage where he was eating by himself ,my Daughter got him out to have a play with him, which he looved ..she did not realise that the front door was opened, and he flew straight out  
I was devastated  :( and worried that he would not ever make it out there in the big wide world
He was like my little baby, feeding him every hour, taking him to places with me because i needed to feed him often , well the little guy and i had a nice bond. But the universe told me that he was a bird that was meant to be in the wild and not in a house ! so off he went, I look out for him every day and in fact i am pretty sure he came to visit us the other day while we were having fun in the pool, so i am feeling a little happier knowing that he survived the big wide world and that he can come and visit, i really hope it was him ..
So when this parcel came the other day it warmed my heart. Thanks Mum xxx

Well i guess i have chatted a bit too much here today, thanks for reading.
Enjoy the last couple of days of school holidays if you live in NSW.
My girls go back on Monday, I really don't want them to leave. We have enjoyed everyday of the holidays ... Bring on Easter i say !!
Bye xx

Monday, January 2, 2012

Missed me much??

Hey Beautiful people how have you all been?
I have not blogged for a couple of month's due to soo many reasons, first is because i have packed up all of my scrapping stuff in the wait to move into my new scrap room, but in order to get my scrap room i need to help Dan with so many other rooms first, such as our bedroom which currently looks like this Eekk!
My scrap things are all packed up and to be honest with you i have not missed scrapping, not because i have no interest in it,i really love scrapping,i love to pour my heart and soul into my pages and express my feelings, but i truly have not had any time to scrap and of course no area to scrap !
So what have i been doing ? Well Dan and i put absolutely everything we have into this house, as I type these words i am thinking i should be doing something else, like paint or help plaster or sand, i don't know ! anything..... We are getting there with it but it is a SLOW road.
Some days i feel sooo over it all and i just want a nice house, especially when i step into friends houses that are perfect with all walls, ceilings cornices and paint !  checking out sites such as pinterest is fun to do but man oh man i feel so envious when i see a gorgeously finished house that is perfect  SIGH!  but it will happen, Good things come to people who wait right??

My Scrapbooking kits have also stopped for a while, I am not sure if i will get back to selling kits or if i change my little business into something else ! not sure yet .... but i will keep you posted

I  signed up for a nail tech 3 course a couple of months ago now which i am going to get stuck into when my babies get back to school , I am looking forward to a change of direction in my life so i hope i stick with it and tough it out ! .
Nail art is really popular at the moment and i know i can do really good with that being i have creativity running through my blood, this little town i live in is actually going to see some funky looking nails :)

Hmm what else have i been up to ? Well we FINALLY got our family photos taken in December, it has been a long time since we got a proper family shot, Danielle Quarmby travelled down from Melbourne to Newcastle so i jumped at the chance for her to take our shots :) here are a few examples of her work, we get the disc in the mail hopefully within the next week

The other reason for me not blogging is the fact that Blogger decided to delete my account and shut down my blog WTF ! it has taken me a week to find out the cause of them closing it down. I found out today that my blog had been hacked and that they shut it down .. HELLO   a little warning would have been awesome or perhaps even a message stating what has happened and how i can fix it again? Nope nothing. But i have it back and now i can keep in contact with you lot again ........

I have been painting doors over the last couple of days and needed a change ! so i pulled out this cane chair that i picked up really cheap from my local buy and swap site on facebook, the chair needed a little TLC as she had the bottom of the chair broken and the cane around the legs broken and unwound. So today i fixed her up , sorted out the problems and gave her a few coats of paint and check her out ! as good as new, she is going to sit in our bedroom with a few gorgeous cushions .. Love it !

It has been nice catching up, i will be back, i think? not sure if anyone reads my rant anymore ?? do you read my blog?? if so maybe let me know by flicking a quick message, might inspire me to keep on blogging
Chat soon
Bridge xxx

Friday, September 30, 2011

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